.:| On Kyrene |:.

TOP: Just Because~ Luma @ Collabor88

SHORTS: Just Because~ Kelsie @ Collabor88

HAIR:Truth Hair~ Ambriel @ VIP June

SHOES: fri. ~ Gail Sandals @ Kustom 9

TATTOO: Nanika ~ Tricia (gacha) @ SaNaRae

.:| On Gumdrop |:.

OUTFIT: Lazo ~ Tilly Sport Set

HAIR: #Foxy ~ Mai Hair

SHOES: Paper Damsels – Slip on Sneakers

POSE: .click. ~ I Got Your Back, Mom!

What makes some one special?
I suppose it all depends,
it’s what’s unique in each of us
that we all share as friends.

The difference is our differences,
maybe small or great,
variety adds spice to life,
so we should celebrate!

In Harmony, harmony!
You’re you I’m me,
together we should sing in Harmony!

If there was only one note,
How boring life would be.
I’m glad there are so many notes,
In many different keys.

I hear each voice singing,
with a special quality,
and when we sing together,
we bring music to the sea!

In Harmony

From:: My Twin Life

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Got it

Got it

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  • Head Lona by Catwa
  • Rings Skye Gacha by ChicChica @ LOOTBOX NEW
  • Shape Felicia FREE @ ChicChica NEW
  • Skin applier and eyes Felicia by YS&YS Shop @ eBento NEW
  • Earrings Nika by ChicChica @ Cosmopolitan NEW
  • Candy Kade by ChicChica @ The Arcade Gacha Event
  • Sandals Savanna by ChicChica
  • Shorts by Miss Chelsea @ UBER NEW
  • Top by Petite Mort
  • Hair Taren by Truth @ UBER NEW
  • Drink FREE by Anya Ohmai @ Knot&co

From:: Alltherage4u

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Come Back When You Can

DaD DESIGN “Cape Cod Country Bar Gacha” NEW @ Shiny Shabby:
– 01 – DaD – Cape Cod – Country Bar RARE
– 02 – DaD – Cape Cod – Deck white long
– 02 – DaD – Cape Cod – Deck white short
– 04 – DaD – Cape Cod – Kitchen Cabinets A
– 05 – DaD – Cape Cod – Kitchen Cabinet C
– 08 – DaD – Cape Cod – Kitchen sink
– 10 – DaD – Cape Cod – Kitchen Countertop
– 11 – DaD – Cape Cod – Wood Bar Stool
– 12 – DaD – Cape Cod -Wood Sign Open
– 14 – DaD – Cape Cod -Roll Up shutter L
– 14 – DaD – Cape Cod -Roll Up shutter R
– 16 – DaD – Bin with handles

From:: Justine Lemton

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“A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness. It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love, and well-being.” -James E. Faust

Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! This month has been a little busy for me. Not the overwhelming kind of busy. But the lovely busy that involves cuddles, Phone calls, laughter and warm tea. Also! I’d like to wish my fellow LGBTQ+ friends a HAPPY PRIDE! It’s nice to see that we can all drift in to a place like SL Pride HQ where everything we are is celebrated and respected.

Lately my life has been so relaxed. Theirs a calmness and a freedom of mind that being in love can bring and after the year I’ve had I’ve more than welcomed that in to my space of existence. It’s nice to let walls down and let someone see who you are, completely. I’m lucky I have found that.

It’s wonderful to have someone look at you, and you not wonder what you did wrong. But wonder what you did right. I’ve struggled a lot this year. I went on my own journey of self discovery only to find my way back home. Life is like that. People will let you down. People will hurt you.. they will say mean things about you. But if you can find one person who can hold you when you can’t hold yourself. Who will wrap a chain and anchor around the sun and pull it up from the ocean when you are sad then trust me. You’ve found someone amazing. You can ask the sun if it’s a good day to shine.. at least thanks to my boyfriend. I know I can.


Flower-*LODE* Head Accessory – Philadelphus Tall [white]
Hair-Tableau Vivant Oliver hair [M] – Naturals II
Eyes-Ikon -Sovereign In Pharaoh and Wraith
Skin-Bold&Beauty xin
Shirt-tomoto, yuru-Tshirt mouton
Pants-[Pumpkin]Low jeans

From:: matzukazebalestra

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Tiny Companion


Truth Lake hair
Jeune by Rowne. Candice Crop Top – New release
Jeune by Rowne. Madison High Rise Jeans – New release
Addams Uma Denim Vest for Women Maitreya
Gizza Iona Vest [Pink]
celoe sack bag shaft
*Yummy! True Believer Charm Necklace
+Half-Deer+ Birbies – Bunnikeet – Available @TheArcadeGacha ​​

From:: doutzenjoubert

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