• Scene I •
MANNEQUIN ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Ink Mannequin @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
BLUE BOTTLE ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Seltzer Bottle @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
PLAY CARDS ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Reaper Play Cards @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
SPRAY CANS ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Spray Cans @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RED BOTTLE ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Vintage Evil Bottle @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
PROJECTS ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Projects @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
LAMP ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Piston Lamp @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
SCREWDRIVER ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Screwdriver @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
CALIPER ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Caliper @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RADIO ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Radio @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
BLACK HELMET...::THOR::.. Helmet black + band @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
ORANGE HELMET ..::THOR::.. Helmet A orange @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
MOTO CLUTCH ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Moto Clutch @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
MAGAZINES ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Motors Magazines @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
L WORK TABLE ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool “L” table RARE @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
STOOL ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Cafe Racers Stool @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
TRASH CAN ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Trash Can @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
LEFT FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame B&W 2 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
MIDDLE FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame Sketch 2 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RIGHT FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame B&W 3 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
COLUMN FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame Sketch 3 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
HELMET SHELF ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
STEERINH WHEEL ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Vintage Steering Wheel @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
FIRE HOSE [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Fire-hose @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
ASHTRAY [ kunst ] – Cigar ashtray #1
SCREWDRIVER [ kunst ] – Screwdriver (flathead)
• Scene II •
FIRE EXTINGUISHER ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Metal Fire Extinguisher @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
FUEL TANK ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
POSTER ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Poster @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
GAS TORCH ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Gas Blow Torch @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
BEER ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Peggy S. Beer @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
SPILLED BEAR ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Peggy S. Beer Spilled @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
BLACK FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Motorbike Frame Black @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RED FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Motorbike Frame Red @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
TABLE ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Iron&Wood Table @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
STOOL ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Lift-up Stool @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
LOCKERS ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool – Dirty Locker @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
FRIDGE ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Vintage Fridge @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
CEILING FAN ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool – Ceiling Lamp Fan @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
LEFT FRAME..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame B&W 1 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
MIDDLE FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame Sketch 1 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RIGHT FRAME ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Frame B&W 4 @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
COUCH ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Couch @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RUG ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool MC Canvas Rug @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
PEDBOARD [ kunst ] – Pegboard RARE
SCREWDRIVERS [ kunst ] – Screwdrivers (flathead)
WRENCHES [ kunst ] – Wrenches
WIRE [ kunst ] – Coiled wire
PINCERS [ kunst ] – Pincers
MECHANIC’S CLOTH [ kunst ] – Mechanic’s cloth
BOLTS & NUTS [ kunst ] – Bolts & nuts
OILER [ kunst ] – Vintage oiler
VISE [ kunst ]– Vise RARE
CIGARETTE BUTTS [NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (01)
• Scene III •
BIKER CLUB ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Biker Club ULTRARARE @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
STRAIGHT SIDEWALK..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool – Sidewalk Straight @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
ENTRANCE SIDEWALK ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool – Sidewalk Entrance @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
STREET ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool – Street @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
RACERS STOOL..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Cafe Racers Stool @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
MANNEQUIN ..::THOR::.. Old’s Cool Ink Mannequin @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
BOTTLE SHELF [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Shelf w/Bottles @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
GLASSES SHELF [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Shelf w/Glasses @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
LAMP [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Lamp @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
NEON [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Tequila Neon (blink on/off) @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
RECTANGULAR FRAME [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Picture1 @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
SQUARE FRAME [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Picture3 @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
BAR [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar – Bar Decor @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
RED STOOL [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar – Stool PG @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]
BUNKER DOOR [ zerkalo ] Bunker Bar Gacha – Bunker Door (RARE) @ K9 (February 15th) [New!!]

• Other Items •
PLANT Soy. Potted Cheese Plant [Black]

From:: emporiolook

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• My Look •
HAIR lock&tuft – peter @ Rewind (February) [New!!]
HAIRBASE Yuth x lock&tuft – connor hairbase @ Man Cave (February 10th) [New!!]
EYES AG. Tender Eyes – Catwa @ Shiny Shabby (February 20th) [New!!]
MESH BEARD Yuth LUCAS BEARD “CATWA” MENS @ Shiny Shabby (February 20th) [New!!]
EYEBROWS Volkstone Vince ll EyeBrows – CATWA
JACKET etham – Luke Jacket – All Colors – Belleza @ Fameshed (February 1st) [New!!]
CIGAR [ kunst ] – Slim Cigarette (left)
CAR KEYS Kalback Car Key for Original Jeans M4 (Unriged) Edit position @ TMD (February 5th) [New!!]

•All details about the scene deco coming soon•

From:: emporiolook

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Mesh Head Skin: Clef de Peau.AaronEyebrows: IDTTY Faces – Shady Eyebrows [CUT] @EBentoFacial Hair: Volkstone Grego Facial Hair [3 Tones]Hair: Modulus – Brody Hair @The Men Jail Piercings: -SECRETS- Josh Septum Set @The Men Jail
Bracelet: !NFINITY Elias Bracelets @The Men Jail Pants: Legal Insanity – Axl leather pants Boots: NX-Nardcotix Jude Ankle BootTattoo:{ Speakeasy } The Light Tattoo

From:: Tempest Fashion Closet

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New-OKUMA – Something Deep – backdrop / violet@Shiny Shabby
RKKN. Urban Beanie @Shiny Shabby
RKKN. Urban Goggles@Shiny Shabby
..::PD::.. Feathers necklage@Shiny Shabby
::K:: Trucker Vest Homme
[ keke ] study collection@Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] office chair . wood@Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] clipped papers . fishy@Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] clipped papers . notes to self@Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] the psychopath@Shiny Shabby
[ keke ] seven secrets@Shiny Shabby
{BE} Crate Table@Shiny Shabby
{BE} Burger Set@Shiny Shabby
..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Couch
RK Poses. Jacob

From:: theworldthatiwould

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Never back down When the days up……..

Beanie: VRSION – Beanie (Includes HUD with texture changer for badge) at mainstore

Septum: |CERBERUSXING| – [CX] Aria Septum , L’Homme Magazine SL Readers Group Gift (AUG 2017, no longer available).
Nose Ring: GABRIEL – ::GB::Cross Nose chain Silver from Whimsical Gacha 2017 May , at mainstore
Lip Piercing: GABRIEL – ::GB:: Lip piercing (Catwa Daniel) Silver (Studded Center) from Bento Lip Piercing Gacha at Mainstore

Items from GABRIEL Love Tune Set at PocketGacha February 2018:
Hoodie — 1. (RARE) ::GB:: Pocket in hoodie Black and ::GB:: Neck on Head Phone
Pants — 12. ::GB::Denim Saluel Black

Tentacles: [CERBERUSXING] – [CX] Sentinel Tentacles and [CX] Sentinel Tail from Rewind : Y2k! February to March 2018
Male and Female Sizes
Fully Modifiable except contents such as scripts.
Animation HUD included with Idle animations to choose from.

From:: Hikaruenimo

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