.:| On Her |:.

UNDERWEAR: Dead Dollz ~ Basic Panties/Bra @ TLC

HAIR: Wasabi Pills ~ Sylke

TATOO: Nanika – Kara

HEADPHONES: Bueno ~ Headphones-Floral

.:| On Him |:.

HEADPHONES: Zoom ~ Shut Up & Listen Headphones

TATOO: Dappa ~ Supreme Tattoo

PANTS: Legal Insanity ~ Mick Joggers @ FaMeshed

POSE: ~ Make me feel. Pose 2 (#4 Gacha) @ Gacha Gaurdians

Do you feel like every day is a winding back road
Running round in circles with no place to call home?
Sip another drink so you can hold on, hold tight,
Hoping that you’ll find a little piece of daylight.

Can you find the beauty in the broken pieces?
Stitch ’em back together, and I swear you’ll see it.
Blowing up in smoke, it’s like you’re barely breathing.
Every breath you take, just know your heart’s still beating.

Go light your spark, set fire to the dark,
You’ll see that all the shadows lie behind you.
Go make your mark, it ends where you start,
The night is new.

There’s a light in every hollow where the sun comes shining through.
It’ll find you down the river when you are left black and blue.
There’s a light in every hollow, like the world you never knew.
There’s a place where days are golden, right here, waiting for you.

There’s a light in every hollow.

From:: My Twin Life

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