The Bunker

There are two decor styles that I don’t do often but when I do I love them!!! One is cutesy pink girly rooms and one is dark masculine rooms. Two ends of the spectrum. I really enjoyed putting this one together though. I used the MINIMAL backdrop from TMD as the basis of the room […]

From:: The Glamour Sauce

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❀ Look Carol145 Bebb ❀ # 991

Overall : _CandyDoll_ Gulia Overall – 30 Patterns @FaMESHed
Hair : [monso] My Hair – Nako @FaMESHed
Food : *Tentacio* tropical food @Kustom9
❀ Skin App Catwa Head : [ MUDSKIN ]_XIA # @Fetish Fair
❀ Lips : [ MUDSKIN ]_XIA # LIPCOLOR 4 (CATWA) @Fetish Fair

[Black Bantam] My Dear Button Toy Poodle Girl RARE @Vanity Event

+Half-Deer+ Starbreeze Palm Tree – Natural

dust bunny . dreamy outing . full set . adult
dust bunny . dreamy outing . blanket basket
dust bunny . dreamy outing . cooler
dust bunny . dreamy outing . croissant sandwiches
dust bunny . dreamy outing . potato chips
dust bunny . dreamy outing . essentials bag
dust bunny . dreamy outing . fruit board
dust bunny . dreamy outing . net candle . gold
dust bunny . dreamy outing . net candle . silver
dust bunny . dreamy outing . parasol
dust bunny . dreamy outing . picnic blanket . mixed
dust bunny . dreamy outing . pillow pile . colorful . adult

From:: Look Perfect SL Fashion

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The Butterfly

//Avatar Look//
Hair & Hat • lock&tuft – st. louis @ Level Event (July) [New!!]
Ears • lock&tuft – dillon ear @ FLF (August 17th) [New!!]
Mustache • Volkstone Aleph Mustache
Goatee • Volkstone Raiser Goatee – V1
Facial Hair • Volkstone Raiser Facial Hair Catwa
Shirt • GALVANIZED. No Limits Shirt 1 @ MOM (July 20th) [New!!]
Shorts • Kalback Cut Off Shorts M2_Fullpack (Jake) @ Man Cave (August 10th) [New!!]
Roses Bouquet • Tentacio rose bouquet right @ Fameshed GO! (August 15th) [New!!]
Butterfly • JIAN Butterfly Collection (Companion)

Skybox • hive // simple skybox @ K9 (August 15th) [New!!]
Pears Basket • hive // basket of pears
Window Potted Ferns • Soy. Voluminous Potted Ferns [A] @ C88 (August 8th) [New!!]
Stand Potted Ferns • Soy. Voluminous Potted Ferns [A] with gold stand @ C88 (August 8th) [New!!]
Right Potted Ferns • Soy. Voluminous Potted Ferns [B] with gold stand @ C88 (August 8th) [New!!]
Balcony Panel Plants • Soy. Green Plants Wall Panel @ C88 (August 8th) [New!!]
Cactus Cup • Tentacio cup cactus @ Fameshed GO! (August 15th) [New!!]
Mirror • Thistle Round Mirror – Brass @ Fameshed GO! (August 15th) [New!!]
Lamp • Thistle Candlestick Lamp – Brass @ Fameshed GO! (August 15th) [New!!]
Limbs Vase • uK – Telluric Vase w/ Limbs @ Fameshed (August 1st) [New!!]
Frame • uK – Perfect Love Marquee @ Fameshed (August 1st) [New!!]
Bench • uK – Telluric Pillow Bench @ Fameshed (August 1st) [New!!]
Rug • uK – Telluric Throw Rug @ Fameshed (August 1st) [New!!]
Tables • uK – Telluric Wood Tables @ Fameshed (August 1st) [New!!]

From:: emporiolook

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No one can ever take me easily………

Featuring RKKN – Sasha’s set at Man Cave Event August – September 2018
Hair: RKKN – Sasha’s Hair & Hat
Suspenders: RKKN – Sasha’s Suspenders
Pants: RKKN – Sasha’s Shorts
Shoes: RKKN – Sasha’s Flops

Styled with:

Ears: AITUI – Stretched Ears Snake Charmer (Includes customization HUD for Skin textures / plug textures / piercings on&off/ tattoos / Bright on&off) , at The Mens Department August 2018

Lip Piercings: CODE-5 – [Pamerale] Men V0.01 (bento) at mainstore

Cigarette : [ KUNST ] – Slim Cigarette at Mainstore

Nipple Piercings: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – p7 of ReVox Nipple Piercings (Includes HUD for Metals, Nipple Bases and Tintable Nipples) at mainstore

Rings & Bracelets: REALEVIL INDUSTRIES – Nemesis Rings & Bracelets Set (10 Leathers/2 zones and 10 metals. Show/Hide each ring or bracelet. Compatible with Signature Gianni and SLink Dynamic Male) at mainstore

Dog: [ SAU ] – Tooldog [1] Naked at mainstore

Backdrop: TAIKOU – Gaien Market backdrop with materials (lights on), at mainstore

From:: Hikaruenimo

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Don’t Bring That Trouble


Silence. ~ Hacienda Swing @ The Liaison Collaborative

ACORN ~ Pea Candle (group gift)

Circa ~ “Tropical Retreat” Hot Tub – Teak

Circa ~ “Jardin de Ville” Outdoor Clay Oven – Sand

Artisian Fantasy ~ Hacienda Hat Rack Double

Artisian Fantasy~ Succulents – Jade and Sedum

Artisian Fantasy~ Santa Fe Patio Gacha 07 – Blanket Ladder

Artisian Fantasy ~ Santa Fe Patio Gacha 11 – Zia Symbol

Artisian Fantasy ~ Santa Fe Patio Gacha 04 – Side Table

Artisian Fantasy ~ Santa Fe Patio Gacha 03 – Chair

Artisian Fantasy ~ Santa Fe Patio Gacha 10 – Rug

Artisian Fantasy~ Milltown Lanterns

JIAN ~ Golden Lab Pupper Basket

{what next} ~ Sunflowers Pitcher

LISP ~ Thistle Coffee Table – Oak

C L A Vv. ~ Chili and Cinnamon Roll

C L A Vv. ~ Sunflower Beef Burger

220ML ~ Guinnirish Beer [Bucket w/ Beer]

8f8~ primavera in Toscana Wheel 21

8f8~ Granny’s Winter Cottage – Knit Table Lamp 19

Crate ~ ~ Cactus Sack ~ Rojo

Heart ~ Hollyhocks – Red

Been down the broken road now
Been through that fire
There’s angels holding onto both sides of the wire
I’m lacking what I need to carry you through it
Stay back or get on track cause I can’t have you ruin it

I found the way around you
Gonna take me higher
Last time the way I loved you
Just wound up tired
I’m lacking what I need to carry you through it
Stay back or get on track cause I can’t have you ruin it

I said
Hold on but don’t hold me back
Just hold on

I had it rough, I had to move for awhile
Lock down the house and chain it up with denial
I’m coming home and everyone is invited singin’
Don’t bring that trouble with you

From:: My Twin Life

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