Here you can submit your blog to the SL FASHION FEED.

We are receiving hundreds of applications everyday. Some of them are real good ones, some of them are not, even some of them are not even blogs. So now, we are charging L$249 for every application. Remember your blog still needs to meet qualifications listed below.

You need to buy this item from Second Life Marketplace to pay required fee to apply. More information will be delivered to you via a notecard. If your application isn’t approved, you can use the same Order ID to apply again in 30 days.

Main requirements:

  • Blogs may not contain nudity or any other adult content.
  • Blogs must be about Second Life fashion. (No (only) furnitures, art & fantasy photography.)
  • Blog posts must have a list of credits for clothing and other stuff.
  • Blog must contain high resolution & good(!) quality edited pictures. (A simple edit may not be considered as a good edit as we require.)
  • Blog posts must have a title.
  • Blog posts may not be too long with too many pictures.
  • Blog may not contain both male and female posts separately. Having both in same post is acceptable.
  • Blogs that host it’s own images, will have a priority. (Not embed from flickr)
  • Blog’s main language must be English (Post Content)
  • Blog must contain a link to SL FASHION FEED.

Reviewing your blog may take up a few weeks. Your blog will eventually be reviewed.

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